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A New Thread Where Everyone Post Pictures of Themselves.



  • Eustace said:

    I love that scarf in the first pic, it's so fluffy and cute!!

    Thanks! Your pic is really cute too!
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    Got the rest of my clearance/gift card order in, including another sweater, a scarf that goes better with my new red sweater than my other scarf, and some new pajamas for lazing around the house.
  • pajamas are fun too! I'm wearing mine right now.
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    a traditional easter photograph. we were psyched! avoiding family!
    (also the collared shirt i was wearing was denim and had geese on it, +1 for sporting god's most aggressive bird)
  • You guys are wearing cute hats!
  • My husband took some pictures of me trying out my new camera





  • Pictures of picture-taking is always a fun concept. I'm glad you're doing well!
  • We got the camera a few days ago. We are using it to help me calm down and focus on a single thing during my anxiety and panic attacks. It's actually been working. Building a dark room will also be a fun project.
  • Fun hair!
  • I need redye it sometime soon
  • Haven't posted anything in here in a while cause most of my pictures of myself end up being the same thing over and over again, but I got a pretty awesome Nier shirt today so I figured why not.

  • Nice!
  • Oh, I hope my poke at you about scarves wasn't too harsh!
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    cursed image
  • Graz said:



    Oh, I hope my poke at you about scarves wasn't too harsh!

    Haha, no, I really like my scarves but I wear then when it feels right, which is usually not with a regular T shirt. Also, a scarf in a picture taken to show the design on a shirt would kinda defeat the point.
  • Doin' the ol' suck in your gut for a bathroom selfie thing. Not sure I've posted in this thread before.
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    Me and a book
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    Finally rode my bike into work for the first time in over a year. My legs were only slightly jelly by the end and didn't turn into a sweaty mess
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