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favorite quote of the week



  • I thought that sounded familiar!
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    YFI #9

    Dave: "we've mostly been following console generations the whole time we've been dating."
    Graz: "...we're married."
  • Revengecast 309

    "Please, Dr. Bert Realdoctor Ross is my father. I'm Dr. Bert Realdoctor... Ross."
  • For some reason I got really weird timing with RC 308. I turn on my car this morning, and Graz yells "FUCKING!" right in my ear. This afternoon I get in, and she hits me with "butts...butts...butts fucking butts, forever..."
  • Nobody says FUCK quite like Graz

    or buttz
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    Do the line! Do the line!

    *Graz leans forward into the mic*

  • Fast Karate #537

    Joel: "Oh, I see you brought arrows to this bloody homing-skull fight. You fool."
  • FK 537:

    Joel: "you can only flex your taint at somebody one time..."
  • 538

    Dave: "I feel like Outlaw Star is somebody who heard of Cowboy Bebop and then watched Trigun... and then made something worse than both of those."
  • 191:

    Dave-I'd always hoped the Barefoot Contessa was kinda hot. Let's see...
    Joel- Why? Does her name give off som-
    Dave-Oh She is not... She. Is. Not.
  • Ten years later, I would... probably... phrase that differently.

  • Revengecast S03E11

    Dave: "I think those people are building a chicken coop?"
  • I've never been to E3, but I'll take your word for it

  • On a recent podcast I tried to quote something Dave had said when soliciting for questions -- I don't know if it was for the upcoming YFI or something else -- but I think wanted strange otaku sex stories:

    "No, be weird. Be as WEIRD as possible. But keep it real."
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