Show #507: Look At These Hands, Jack!

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This show also known as: Out Out, Funky Spot!


Hey! We don’t have time for stuff like The creator of the Yahwg’s new horror comic book or Final Fantasy XIV. This is a 24 podcast only, mister! And it’s time to send off the show that keeps making us send it off (and we hope it’ll do it again sometime soon!)

Topics for Consideration:
Don’t You Remember You Told Me You Loved Me Sho-By.
A Tragic Loss of Funyun Life.
Old Man Kung-Fu/Conspicuous Samurai Swords.
The Chronicles of Aaron Pierce.
President Audrey’s Dad’s Distressingly Dispassionate Eulogy at President Audrey’s Dad’s Daughter’s Funeral.
Tunnel Mole Tony.
The Long Suffering of the Kim Bauer Children.

Music Selection: In Some Parallel Universe, It’s [Jack Bauer's] “Panic” [On The Streets of London and/or Everywhere].

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Show #506: I’m Deep Under the Covers, Mark!

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This show also known as: Please Stop Calling Me “Kuh”


Amid Wolfenstein, Snowpiercer, and World Cup discursions, we struggle to encapsulate some of the highest stakes 24 has ever sought.

Topics for Consideration:
The Dumbest Man In History vs. The Worst General Ever
The Jack Bauer Trust And Responsibility Aura
The Babification of Lead Agent Erik Ritter
Dropping Thebnagajhhtholetinthewa
JibJub’s Death: A Shocking Reveal
Continuing Education English Classes
I’m Quebecois

Music Selection: [Sheng Zi, Sheng Zi] I Was Only Joking

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Behold, Mark, My True Form!