Show #517: Mango Lassi Jug

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This show also known as: Kill Or Be Turned Into Boots


I guess we talk about The Order (uninformedly), Diablo 3, Monster Hunter, and the possible return of the Fast Karate Flip but, legit, who even cares in the face of all this charred flat bread.

(Watch A Company Man/the 80s John Carpenter Theorum of Social Commentary)

Music Selection: I guess, in this case, it’s Graz’s ringtone for her brother, since I finished recording this right before we started Jason Souls that night!

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Revengecast S01E15 – Chaos


Listen Up!

This is the big one kids. The Fire and Ice ball we’ve all been dreaming about. So many questions answered. Where is your fiancé? Where the hell is my son? Where are Declan’s pants? Where is Danny’s buddy? Where is 8 mile going? Where is Takeda taking Fauxmanda? Where are Charlotte’s painkillers? Oh wait never mind she already ate all of them. And finally: Emily, where are your joeys for your dress pouch? Emils DID YOU LOSE THE JOEYS?!

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Topics for Consideration: 

The Poppa Grayson Power Hour
How do you use a sailboat?
Face-Heel-Face Turn
Helicopter Revenge Senseis
Victoria Sweeps The Hammies

Target Status:

Boss Doors #33: Hard Corps: Uprising

It was only four years back, two people played a game together.
Ruin their relationship? No, Hard Corps: Uprising saw fit only to forge it, indestructible.

Happy belated Valentines Day

(it’s a weird coincidence this game came out February 16th 2011, and we released this video February 16th 2015 on accident!)