Resident Evil Zero Review


I’m not gonna waste your time with the “how come Becky turned into an ultra-wimp in RE1 after she mowed down 500 zombies in RE0?” But I *wiil* waste your time with “how come Becky doesn’t get any rad powers in Wesker mode even though she has red eyes and one of those Jill Valentine space bugs on her chest?”

Show #526: Is This A Talisman Or A Curse?

Download the Show: (right click, save as) This show also known as: “Lame Blackjack” Jumping right in, because there’s no time to waste on this anime show that has precious little time in general (and wastes it anyway!), it’s Kagewani, the insufficient Paranormal Creatures successor to Yamishibai‘s Goofy-Ass Ghost Stories About Haunted Printers. As we…
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Revengecast S02E12 – COLLUSION

Listen Up! What light through yonder window breaks? Why, it’s another Revengecast! That’s right, it’s your boy Dave here to tell you that I edited this episode specifically so Graz couldn’t take out all my gross baby voices and/or references to weird comic book subplots about breastfeeding (also she’s been busy with work and stuff)! After…
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