DINNERCAST: True Detective

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True Detective more like GRUE Detective.

Here’s an article about how that dumb strip mall crappy dumpster constantly spilled porn boxes into these people’s yard.

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The pieces fit.

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Stupid towns you hate.

Show #499r: Right In The B-Hole.

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This show also known as: Hi This Is Karen Can I Have Your Serial Number


Talking about Yamishibai, a show that’s pretty scary if you’re nine years old or me or Joel. But mostly it’s about butthole tazers.

If you can tolerate the first few minutes of I RECORDED OF MY INTERNAL MIC AGAIN WHAT THE HELL WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS it gets a little better when I turn the gain down.

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I’m a fan.

SPECIAL EPISODE: Lightning Returns Podcast With Special Guest!

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I got together with games writer Heidi Kemps, whose work you might recognize from Games Radar, Official Xbox Magazine, and many other places, to dish about Lightning Returns in something that’s spoiler-free, but pretty inside baseball, so will probably only be of interest to people who have already played a lot of the game. But give it a shot anyway!

As per the Fast Karate usual there’s some pretty messed-up audio in this one that I don’t think I have the capability to fix, but if I do please tell me how so I can.

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Another fact for your sorry little bitchass.