Show #499f: I Should Not Have Read This

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This show also known as: Fuck off, Wyvern.


We spend more time on E3 and Remember Me (which I reviewed for ANN) than is probably necessary before talking about how much I want to marry Monster Hunter and Joel’s pretty into Gunpoint.

What’s wrong with the audio this week? I think Joel was recording off of his onboard mic!

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2 thoughts on “Show #499f: I Should Not Have Read This

  1. About monster hunter. Just listened to one of your somewhat older podcasts (09/06/17 one) and at the 5.45 minute mark you mention how wrong people are when thinking monster hunter is a fun game. Oh how times have changed.

  2. Yeah, totally. I think what’s really made it playable for me is the button to center the camera on a large monster. Trying to play the game on a PSP, so only one analog stick, was miserable.

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