Show #498: I hear Phil Collins’s voice on the wind…

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This show also known as:¬†YOU WANNA GO?? LET’S GO.

We spend some time talking about Devil May Cry of all generations before going into Dead Space 3 and then YOUR TWITTER QUESTIONS (including Guitar Wolf lip-synching). Sorry my audio quality’s butt/for the robot voice.


Music Selection: I Wanna Rock Right Now

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4 thoughts on “Show #498: I hear Phil Collins’s voice on the wind…

  1. I didn’t know you were a fellow One Piece viewer, Dave. I also really like the joke during the Alabasta arc where Nami has to read the instructions of her weapon during a fight with the needle Devil Fruit lady. It hits the sweet spot in terms of comedic timing. I’d love to hear your and Joel’s opinion on One Piece, but I realize that would require watching over 500 episodes or reading even more chapters from the manga. Doing so becomes an increasingly difficult task after college. Suffice to say I enjoyed listening to this episode.

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