Show #497: Peep this ripple: BALOOBALOOBALOOB.

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This show also known as: LOOK AT YOUR TEETH.

This show ALSO also known as: LOOK AT YOUR FACE.

This show ALSO ALSO also known as: this feels (prettty gooood)

How’s JoJo, these days?


Music Selection:

This show is about:


It is pretty good.

5 thoughts on “Show #497: Peep this ripple: BALOOBALOOBALOOB.

  1. an appetizer plate of fried cheese curds and sliced pork summer sausage is an amazing combo (that is what i was implying in my email, unfortunately nothing more magical, Dave). my intent with the crom banner was 2 conans. i heard your idea on GME and sounded funny. i originally tried fitting a thulsa doom cap on Joel but it looked kinda lame …but that is a tale for another day. enjoy.

  2. Well, I don’t know if this bit of info will awaken Joel into the Matrix, but the interesting about Jojo Part 2 is that it influenced a lot of the character designs of iconic Street Fighter characters; Guile got his haircut from Stoheim, and Gill (from SF III) is pretty much Santana. There are others that come up later, but I won’t spoil it.

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