Revengecast S01E10 – JUSTICE


Listen Up!

Revenge opens on a scene of Emily grappling with her revenge sensei TAKEDA in a powerful display of revenge kung-fu, judo-venge? Revenge-kwon-do? Lets just call it revenge-wrastling. We draw Downton Abbey comparisons as our British under-caste cast continue their plot to rise into the ranks of those they despise. Then we talk about Deep Space 9 for a good ten minutes for no obvious reason except – KEIKOHHH. I spend some quality time hating on Michael Snow’s 1967 film Wavelength, I have provided a short sample of the masterpiece so that all may share in my agony. Welcome, we are now sisters in pain. Dave reveals that the that Greyson Global Team-Building Picnic that Emily has been using as a revenge most wanted list was actually one of those pagan festivals for the super-rich where Victoria and Lydia dance around a fertility pole vying to be named the Maiden of Spring, Ar-Ha, the Nameless One.

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Topics for Consideration:
Ashley “No Brunch” Davenport
Mortgages or dark sorcery?
Whale-cam Skynet and or Battlestar Galactica

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GUEST SHOW: Karate Invasion! Fly, Two Horns, Fly!


If you missed the weekend tweets or the RSS feed updating or w/e, don’t forgot that Joel and I ended up on Greatest Movie Ever in the first time for a long time to talk about–the best anime series in the world bar none these are literally my favorite movies of all time I own five copies of each–Appleseed.

Show #514: Don’t We Need To Create A Backstory For This Baby?

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This show also known as:  No Man, I’m Afraid of Killer Vampire Babies

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I’d prefer not to say anything because I can’t think of anything to say that doesn’t involve these two episodes are about an evil baby.

Terror Double Down ||| The Fried Chicken of Fear
This Is Our Moonshot
What Happened To Talismans?
Ponyo 2

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This show is about:

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Culmination Of Our Hopes, Our Desires, And All Of Our Sorrow

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Dreams Really Do Come True.