Book Club #12: Blowing up the Cure for Space AIDS

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This show also known as: Health Care Reform: The Novel

One year later, the book club comes full circle with another Mike Powers suggestion. This time, Joel, Mike, and Jon tackle Walter Jon Williams’ Hardwired, a satisfying sci-fi tale hidden behind the worst cover art in human history.

Music Selection: It’s all I could think of when I looked at the cover…

This show is about:

Running butter across enemy lines.

Book Club #11: Azrael, The Islamic Angel of Death

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This show also known as: By “Studies” I Think She Means “Have Sex with People”

Back from the dead! Jon is joined by forumite kaazuwulf to discuss his suggestion for the Book Club, Good Omens, but the conversation is quickly overtaken by whale-pony hybrids. Special guest appearance by Catherine!

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This show is about:

Goodbye, Columbus!

Book Club #9: You Are Basically Walking Garbage

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This show is also known as: I’m Not Gonna Write Your English Paper, God Damnit!

Jon is joined once again by Paul Chapman from the Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast. As part of an ongoing effort to deny the existence of Foucault’s Pendulum, the two sit down to discuss Joseph Heller’s acclaimed novel Catch-22.