I’m Not Your Precious Archetype — Dangan Ronpa’s Subtle Manipulation of Genre


Even in a game where every character is defined by their “Ultimate” talent (Ultimate Baseball Player, Ultimate Biker, Ultimate Novelist) Makoto Naegi, protagonist, can’t escape being a player insert. His is the fate of leading men across a wide swathe of otaku-focused anime and games, especially visual nows. The Ultimate Lucky Student, Makoto describes himself as completely average, bearing no remarkable talents or traits.

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What women in ’70s slasher films tell us about women in games today


What women in ’70s slasher films tell us about women in games today

Might be of interest to people who read our Tomb Raider thing. Further reading in the form of:

Men, Women, and Chainsaws by Carol J. Clover, who coined the term ‘Final Girl.’

A bunch of film studies papers about the subject linked here.

Hi, it’s Dave! It’s been a long absence! Been spending most of my free creative time on hashing out this book and sending it to people. Writing query letters and synopses and reaching out to agents feels like a lot more work than writing the actual book. The parts where you put sentences together and create an imaginary world from scratch are pretty easy by comparison!

Hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. Have a couple unfinished things with a few kinks to knock out.