EPISODIO ESPECIALE – Game of the Butts 2013: DJ Dave Edition

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My game of the year list on tumblr!

The episode all (three) of you have been waiting for! Here I recite the text from my Game of the Year and then give you a little paragraph stinger about some song from the game in question’s soundtrack and THEN I REINVENT THE PARADIGM BY PLAYIN THE SONG


Music Selection: The whole show is a music selection, bro!

10. Resogun – Acis
9. Etrian Odyssey IV – Misty Ravine
8. Fire Emblem: Awakening – Assault ~ Galvanized
7. The Youngins – Role Model
6. A Link Between Worlds – Lorule Overworld
5. Rogue Legacy – Narwhal (Maya/Tower)
4. Ace Attorney 5 – Pursuit ~ Keep Pressing On
3. Metal Gear Rising – The Only Thing I Know for Real
2. Papers, Please – Title Theme
1. Dragon’s Crown – Killer Rabbit Boss Theme
ex. Bioshock Infinite – God Only Knows

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Show #499o: Merkle and Schroeder

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This show also known as: It all fitsITALLFITS.


It wouldn’t be a return from a month-long podcasting hiatus without CRIPPLING AUDIO PROBLEMS.

I’m sorry. :(

Now that I think about it there’s no reason that, in Asura‘s time-period, a 35 year-old log-puller wouldn’t be trying to bang some 14 year old girl. That was pretty much the way of things world-wide until like 80 years ago.

Music Selection: YO HO MY LAD.

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lotr-lcg-layout-finalPreliminary reports suggest this game is… Okay!
(but it’s no Pathfinder)