Revengecast S02E03 – CONFIDENCE


Listen Up!

This week on Revenge: the Graysons are fighting again in that Grayson way that’s less like fighting and more like doing your own thing while being snide to everyone around you while waiting for someone else to break first; see, whoever escalates the passive aggression to aggressive aggression is the real loser. So Danny is doing a sulk crawl through every room in Grayson manor hoping his mom will notice, Charlotte is spending money on Amanda in quantities just high enough to annoy Victoria, Ashley is around, Conrad is making time with his weirdly forceful whisper-insults, and they’re all pretty pissed at Victoria. To be fair, she did individually plan three separate and slightly different conspiracies with each of them. Starting from the top: as we know, she faked her death and then planned to run away with Charlotte, she then faked her kidnapping and the beating that allowed her to return from the dead with Conrad.

Wait thats only two…………………………

Oh yeah! The conspiracy with Danny is where he pretends to be able to read and Victoria pretends to be proud of him.

Anyway! Everything starts getting messy when it turns out Danny did learn how to read somewhere along the line and he finds a note left by Aden that says “your mom is a big liar and was planning to run away with Charlotte and wasn’t even kidnapped.” Victoria declares a lockdown at Grayson Manor and officially bans Emily from the premises for her own good, so Emily resorts to using the faked-not-faked paternity test to force Amanda to start hanging out with the Graysons even though Jack explicitly forbade it. So yeah Jack is being a dick and Declan is stealing stuff and ughhhhhh fuck Declan I might just pretend he doesn’t exist for the rest go the show please is that ok?

Topics for Consideration:

The Testing of Emily’s Heart: Betrayal in the Snowy Hedge Maze and the Truest Agony; The Tale of Two Adorable Akitas Which Must Never Be Told (But Now Is)
The Butt Shot Heard Round The World
Babe Ruth Baseballs/College Tuition Conversion 101 presented by Guest Scholar Professor Chadwick Frumplebottom
How to Cure Insomnia in The 6th Trimester w/ Your Hybrid Alien/Elephant Baby
Victoria as Stand User/Nen Master/Ragyo Kiryuin/Godzilla/Really Anything Large That Steps On Things/I Mean It Basically Writes Itself
Panda Me, Bro.
Detective Steven America Is On The Case

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Hot off the requests of a certain scientific Nick, here’s the next installment in our near-complete saga of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (part 2 of part 3). We’re quickly closing in on the finish line, but before we do, we have to clear a few of these scrubs out of the way! But first let’s make sure we get good and sidetracked our new quiz show format: which epic figure’s semen was frozen in an elephant tusk by a manga artist? The answer… might [not] surprise you.

Audio Quality Status: Aside from the 2 minutes of noise reduction for the part at the beginning where I had the air conditioner on, I’d rate this episode as “almost okay!”

Music Selection: ~East-End Kakyoins & West-End JoJos~

This show is about:

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 9.33.30 AM

You knew him as “Busted Vegeta;” we knew him as “friend.”