Show #512: Are You Being Racist Or Is This A Vampire Thing?

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This show also known as: Shut Up, Jiminy Cricket!


The Evil Within is the 15th Coming of Survival Horror, the key important thing in this podcast is our Long Form Dissection of Stealth Games Then And Now. And don’t forget, Extra Life is happening next weekend (October 25th!)

Lightning?? Electricity?? I dunno!


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See you on the 25th!

Revengecast S01E04 – Duplicity


Listen Up!

We lost a couple minutes due to recording latency or something, but it wouldn’t be a Fast Karate Production without technical issues! Next week we’ll actually plug the laptop in but come on man, it’s 2014! I thought we fixed this crap already!

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Topics for Consideration:
Food Allergy Friendships
Declan of the Rings/Auntie Gladys
Sammy: Emotional Proxy and/or Skeletal Revenant
The Full Croydon
Abu Dhabi
Also Middle Tyler

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