Show #506: I’m Deep Under the Covers, Mark!

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This show also known as: Please Stop Calling Me “Kuh”


Amid Wolfenstein, Snowpiercer, and World Cup discursions, we struggle to encapsulate some of the highest stakes 24 has ever sought.

Topics for Consideration:
The Dumbest Man In History vs. The Worst General Ever
The Jack Bauer Trust And Responsibility Aura
The Babification of Lead Agent Erik Ritter
Dropping Thebnagajhhtholetinthewa
JibJub’s Death: A Shocking Reveal
Continuing Education English Classes
I’m Quebecois

Music Selection: [Sheng Zi, Sheng Zi] I Was Only Joking

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Behold, Mark, My True Form!

Show #505: Hope You Choke On Your Hotdogs, Jordan

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This show also known as:┬áPeople Look Like They’re Getting Thrown Out of Windows A Lot


The Tony reveal we’ve all been waiting for is almost certainly just around the corner.

Topics for Consideration:
Ghost Ride the Belchek
The Rainbow Suspenders
Stepdad Obligations
Our Final Battle: In The Recycling Plant (Abunai, Julian-chan!)
Marionette Sex; These Hands Are Supple, Jack
Secret Upside-Down 24
Starring: Donald Sutherland
Chow Yun-Fat Missile Sortie

Music Selection: Irish Blood, [Bauer] Heart.

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The Internet Provides